William Hendrik Esther is committed to making sure our clients provide leading legal advice in the aviation sector. The increased competition, security concerns, and client service have impacted the industry to being a market in need to litigation. Our aviation skills are providing legal advice in regulatory issues, compliance issues, financial structures, and security interests. Our aviation expert has worked with national aviation companies and is up to date on all legal proceedings and news that pertains to the sector.

Banking, Insurance and Multi Finance

The world of banking and finance is diverse, but with the William Hendrik Esther team, we have professionals that have represented in local, national and foreign banks as well as other financial institutions. Our wide range of transactions that we can accomplish help make sure that our clients know both their short- and long-term plans that are best suited for their business goals. Our understanding of the field is helpful for when our clients want to reach local, national, or international standards.

Hospitality and Leisure
(Entertainment and Food & Beverages)

The team at William Hendrik Esther are dedicated to helping make the process in legal terms in this business more manageable. In this heavily regulated industry, our team aims to be the legal advisor in both the strategic area and the day-to-day challenges that a client might face. Our services in this industry include clients from food, beverages, entertainment, hotels, and cosmetics to name a few. Our areas of specialty come from a range of areas that include, but are not limited to, land acquisitions and title due diligence, credit and financing, tax, licensing, intellectual property, employment and litigation and dispute resolution.

Our tailor-made service and dedication to the law will help anyone from owners, hotels, developers, financiers and other prominent individuals in the hospitality and leisure industry feel well taken care of.


Infrastructure is a very important industry and in the coming years will face considerable challenges as governments or private sectors arrange to plan, procure and deliver projects that can boost productivity and ensure sustainable growth. At William Hendrik Esther, our job is to be involved in the development, construction, financing, acquisitions, ownership and operations of infrastructure projects. We also can be involved in the acquisition and financing of infrastructure companies. Our qualified team can work on a local or international level and our past clients can attest to future clients our hard work and the dedication we should ensuring that whatever projects clients have in this industry are done at the highest level.


For William Hendrik Esther, mining is an important industry that the team tries to keep updated on. With the abundancy that Indonesia has in natural resources, our team is here to help investors who want to do business in this sector. Our team caters to client in the practice of general mining, mining construction, mergers and acquisitions, legal due diligence, and commercial dispute resolution. This industry can comprise of major, mid-tier and junior mining companies. We understand the complexities and challenges companies will face in this industry, but our ethics and our experience in this industry can help our clients in facing and managing these challenges from the legal point of view.

Oil and Gas Law

At William Hendrik Esther, our lawyers have a good standing record on finding commercial legal solutions in the oil and gas sector. We advise our clients on matters such as establishing foreign investment companies and/or joint ventures in the oil and gas sector, negotiation and drafting of concessions/participation interests, licensing and exploration through production, sales, and decommissioning, and also enhancing energy sales contracts. Our lawyers are also experienced in day-to-day issues, such as oil and gas regulations and regulatory compliance. Our commitment is to help bridge understanding between both parties.

Plantation and Agribusiness

The team at William Hendrik Esther is available to help clients understand the current legal and regulatory requirements on plantation and agribusiness areas, which would include the business permits, land ownership, business partners, and translate these into practice as would be required by the clients in doing their business.

Retail & Consumer

Retail is a constant changing force that is driven by new developments and different consumer needs. For the team at William Hendrik Esther, we make sure that we can give clients the best options and have the best resources for the client’s own business plan and objectives. Our expertise includes, but does not limit to, mergers and acquisitions, ongoing commercial relationships, economic regulations, franchising and licensing arrangements, real estate matters, public policy and more. From strategic growth and divestments to brand management and commercial relationships, our team has the skills and knowledge to help our clients move farther in their business.


The team at William Hendrik Esther are up to date in the sector of telecommunication. They offer assistance in a broad range of telecommunications-related commercial, transactional, regulatory, and infrastructure matters. The team has an understanding of the commercial and technological aspects of the telecommunication industry and can provide advice on issues regarding regulation, transactions, and disputes in sectors like broadband, wireless, satellite, and internet and e-commerce, as well as IT. Our clients can also be advised in traditional legal support in the telecommunication sector if needed.