Alternative Dispute Resolution & Litigation

William Hendrik Esther practices in several areas of dispute resolutions with experience for sections such as corporate, finance, bankruptcy, and labor. Our lawyers each have their own specialty that in turn complements the team as a whole. We represent clients as both the plaintiffs and defendants before the courts and assist the clients in settling or formulating litigation strategies. Our goal is to provide a satisfactory service to our clients by paying attention to detail and understanding the matters needed for each case and company.

Banking and Finance

The world of banking and finance is diverse, but with the William Hendrik Esther team, we have professionals that have represented in local, national and foreign banks. Our wide range of transactions that we can accomplish help make sure that our clients know both their short- and long-term plans that are best suited for their business goals. Our understanding of the field is helpful for when our clients want to reach local, national, or international standards.

Capital Market

The team at William Hendrik Esther has been up to date on the growing activities in Capital Market. We are constantly adapting to the market changes and understand what investors are looking for in the evolving environment. We assist in transactions in all forms of capital-rising, Initial Public Offering (”IPO”), cross border financing, strategies for acquisitions and reorganization restructuring, regulatory matters in key markets national and international, and fund formation. Our team is knowledgeable and prepared for any transaction within this sector with quick and reliable work.

Data Protection

Data Protection is important in any business, for a company or individual, and the team at William Hendrik Esther is available to make sure the rights of our clients are following the law and the data our clients have is well protected. The team here aims to make sure that the advice we give to our clients is simple to understand and benefits everyone. Some of the work we do within this practice includes drafting policy and procedural documentation, disclosure requirements for subject access requests, data breach issues and subject access requests, and regulatory litigation that may come when needed. The team’s different backgrounds can help make sure the clients have the best protection that suits their needs.

Employment and Labor

At William Hendrik Esther, the practice of employment and labor is one we take great care in. Whether our clients are whole organizations or stand-alone clients, our experience in this expertise can range from actions such as litigation in simple HR-related matters to cases regarding discrimination and unfair labor practices against employees. Our team will work with the clients every step of the way in any case regarding employment and labor so that all parties are getting what they want. Each member of this team has their own specialties that can be molded to what the client is looking for.


The energy sector in Indonesia is a growing business and the team at William Hendrik Esther is available to advise clients on matter regarding the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, establishments of companies trading electricity, development of wind, water, and other renewable energy resources, and give assistance to financial institutions funding these projects. Our experience in these projects gives us the preparation to provide due diligence in this area and offer help in preparation of contracts, sales, and purchase agreements, project finance transactions, and regulatory compliance and filings.

Foreign Direct Investments

At William Hendrik Esther, our lawyers can help clients in a full set of foreign direct investment services at both the internal corporate and external regulatory levels. Our lawyers advise in establishment of foreign investment companies, permanent business establishments, manpower matters, land acquisition, taxation issues, and any other various services that a client would need in order to keep the investment running smoothly.

General Corporate and Commercial Law

William Hendrik Esther is well versed in the area of general corporate issues. Our team has represented both national and international companies and our background is well diverse in all types of corporate settings. Our skills include, but not limited to, negotiation and drafting of all types of corporate agreements, corporate transactions including acquisitions, mergers, divestments, joint ventures, and corporate strategic planning. With our past experiences, William Hendrik Esther has a strong track record and dedicated system in making sure each client’s needs are met.

Intellectual Property Rights

In the era of free trade markets and globalization, intellectual property rights (IPR) has become a necessity that William Hendrik Esther is willing to provide. Our services include patents, trademarks, copyrights, and industrial design. Our lawyers consult our clients in registration or how to avoid losing patents, trademarks, copyright, and industrial design and they also can go before proper authorities to represent clients in any court matters pertaining IPR.

Project Finance

The area of project finance encompasses legal work in the development, equity and non-recourse debt financing, construction, operation, and maintenance of major industrial and infrastructure projects. At William Hendrik Esther, our teams will work in these complex projects to ensure that our clients can achieve all their project goals. Our advice in these matters will help our clients in the legal department and in the business and strategic department. All our counsel is through experience and detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. We will work with you through all the steps and know that our perspective is in the best interest of the client and their needs.

Real Property

Property is interchangeable in the world today and with William Hendrik Esther, we help to make sure that a client’s property stays with them. In relation to real property we encompass all real estate transactions like advising, negotiating, and preparing for relevant contracts of real estate development. Our team has first hand experience in dealing with assisting our clients in any transaction or agreement so our team knows what our client would want in an efficient matter.

Tax Law

In any business, we must take into consideration tax laws. In William Hendrik Esther, our lawyers are competent to assist you in various tax issues, such as advice on the tax regulation, individual or company tax compliance, tax dispute resolution and tax controversies, and many more. The familiarization that our lawyers have in tax law helps them develop optimal advice and solutions to any business’s concerns and needs. Our lawyers will work with you and help make sure that our client’s objectives are getting the best possible service in the taxation field.